Unstoppable Plague Of PUBG Cheaters

PUBG, or Player Unknowns Battle Grounds, was one of the major unexpected success of modern video games. Offering a simple, bare-bones multiplayer experience, the game somehow sold multi-millions in a very short space of times. Many are still scratching their head as to how the simple, somewhat crudely made game rocketed to obscene success. Either way, the game continues to be a success, with a player base that is expanding on a daily basis. Continue reading Unstoppable Plague Of PUBG Cheaters

Nintendo Switch – Worth A Buy?

Console generations seem to come and go at an alarming rate. Just as a generation seems to be hitting its stride, a new generation comes along, making loved hardware suddenly obsolete. This is the nature of technology, however, and the way that progress is made towards bigger and better things. But, the console market is a competitive industry, and it can sometimes be difficult to know which console is worth the money. Continue reading Nintendo Switch – Worth A Buy?

Getting Over It – Simple Games Succeed

A little game called Getting Over It was a runaway success. At least, it was for a very limited amount of time. But given that the game was about as simple as games can get, made by a single person, it can be considered one of the biggest video game success in history. The creator, Bennett Foddy, surely walked away an overnight millionaire. But what about the game made it such a success? Continue reading Getting Over It – Simple Games Succeed