Even Big League Teams Have the Burden of Moving

One of the least appealing things in our adult lives is having to up and move. It’s the time in your life when you finally realize just how much stuff you have amassed since the last time you have to move.

Even though it might seem like a rather daunting and annoying task to us, pros like https://www.mybekins.com/locations/oro-valley-az-movers/ and even Major League Baseball teams take pride in their ability to not only pack, move and unpack, but also do so in the most logistically logical way possible.

But what do they bring?

The Cleveland Indians make quite a haul when moving from Progressive Field in downtown Cleveland, Ohio to Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, Arizona. While the team and coaches get to fly, the truck drivers have the task of hauling all of the equipment the Cleveland Indians will need for Spring Training the 2,000-plus miles across America.

Even the bubble gum.

That’s right, all 72 tubs of bubble gum were carefully loaded onto the trucks. And that’s not even all of the bubble gum. Another order has been made. In addition to the bubble gum, the clubhouse personnel will also load 10,368 baseballs and 144 boxes of sunflower seeds.

The teams use a precise system of loading the trucks every year. As with most MLB and professional sports teams, turnover plays a big part in whether or a teams club house crew gets the job done efficiently or not. If key parts of the crew move on to other clubs, sometimes the hiccups are noticed with items that were forgotten.

The crews take such care to pack the trucks that this year, beloved manager Tito Francona allowed them to leave his popular scooter behind in Cleveland.

During the season, Francona can be seen scooting to and from Progressive Field on his environmentally friendly scooter. In past seasons, the crew has loaded up Francona’s scooter for him and brought it to Goodyear. This year, they were tight on space and the coach allowed them to leave it behind.

While in Goodyear, Tito will have the luxury using golf carts and all terrain vehicles to make the half mile trip from the clubhouse to the field, so it’s not like the crew is making him hoof it!

It might seem like a good idea to just stock the Spring Training facility with all the necessary equipment the team will need instead of moving everything, every year, just for 55 days, but the facility is used by others when the Indians aren’t using it in February and March every year.

In addition to the Cleveland Indians, the Cincinnati Reds also use the same facility during Spring Training. Careful scheduling allows both teams to use the facility without interrupting the other.

There is no word on whether or not the Cleveland Indians trucks stop in Cincinnati along the way to see if their Ohio brethren needs anything packed up.

So don’t feel too bad about moving. It’s a part of life. Just remember when you’re searching for a good mover, follow reviews on Google. If you’re a mover yourself, have Ignite Digital handle your SEO so when people DO search, they’ll find YOU!

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