Going On An Island Getaway Without Leaving The United States

Often times, people think that in order to get away to a tropical paradise, they will need a bag of money and a passport. I’m here to tell you that is not the case at all! You can get that tropical island getaway feel all without having to leave the United States!

Florida Keys

That’s the obvious one, right? Head to the southern most point in the United States when you head to Key West. Key West is actually located closer to Cuba than it is to Miami. It offers the same feel as the Bahamas at a fraction of the price. Just rent a car and head over the 7-mile bridge and boom. Paradise.

Hilton Head Island

Golf, palm trees and sandy beaches all right along the eastern seaboard and not extremely far from many places. Middle America can enjoy all Hilton Head has to offer within a 7-10 hour car ride. Can’t beat that! And, since it’s South Carolina and not the Grand Cayman Islands, you can stay for a week and not be broke and have to panhandle for gas money to get home!


Ohio. Yes. In an island on Lake Erie in Ohio can make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean! This party island is located a ferry away from the shores of Sandusky, Ohio and offers thriving night life and a deserted island feel. Party goers on Put-In-Bay will be found jumping around on their golf carts, but be careful because you can most definitely still get a DUI on one of these bad boys! If you want to take some time away from the Put-In-Bay, you could always ferry over to Cedar Point too!


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