Healthy Living and Gaming: Is There a Connection?

One of the best things there is in the world is gaming. Why is this so, because gaming brightens a gloomy day leaving us rejuvenated and gaming brings us together, we get to meet new people and in the process improve our social skills and educational games also helps us to learn new stuff.

However, what becomes of our health when we are true gamers. Can gaming lead us to unhealthy lifestyles?

NO (The Positives)

The first answer to be above question is no, gaming does not lead us to unhealthy lifestyles rather it promotes healthy living. Several studies conducted in the past reveal that games offered at different online casinos, console games and video games actually help gamers to lead healthy lifestyles.

A study conducted at the University of Washington revealed that gaming is a great pain reliever. The study which was conducted with a group of patients showed that patients ‘ignored’ 92 percent of their pain while playing video games. This means the next time you are feeling in need of some painkillers, rather than buying pills, you can also get your PC or mobile and start your gaming adventure.

neuroscientist, Daphne Bavelier says that playing games for 40 minutes a couple of hours before going to bed is healthy and can help in boosting your mood for the following day, slow brain decline, reduce heart attack risks and enhance longevity. The trick according to Daphne Bavalier is to consume the right amount (40 minutes) at the right time (a couple of hours before going to sleep).

A 2014 study at the University of Brown revealed that playing games is beneficial for anyone looking to overcome bad habits such as drug abuse, smoking addiction, overeating and alcohol abuse. Playing devoting a certain percentage of your time to gaming, one will immerse himself/herself for that time and in the process will ignore or ‘forget’ to carry out the bad habits hence in the long term helping to overcome them.

Games do actually help you improve your vision contrary to popular belief that it damages vision. This was revealed by a leading developmental psychologist at the Visual Development Lab of Ontario McMaster University, Dr Daphne Maurer who said gaming increase the production of dopamine and neurotransmitter like adrenaline which in turn makes the brain more plastic by increasing the grey matter. She also concluded that fast-paced games require more mental and visual attention which helps polish and sharpen eyesight of the visually impaired.

YES (The Negatives)

To some extent, gaming can also lead to an unhealthy lifestyle (though the gamer has the power to change it). Gaming can lead to obesity due to bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle. On occasions, gamers can find themselves stuck in one place for hours and in those hours they will be feasting on unhealthy snacks. This kind of lifestyle will, in the long run, lead to a disastrous outcome. However, gamers do have the power and capability to ensure this does not happen by limiting their gaming time and also purchasing healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

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