Is There Anything You Can’t Do With Pinterest?

One of the best tools on the internet for wasting time is Pinterest. Whether you are just bored and looking for new ideas to clutter your home or you have a genuine need to repurpose that old truck tire, Pinterest can give you, quite literally, an endless amount of ideas.

How about that old TV?

Remember those old tube TVs that ruled the world? They were heavy, bulky and took up way too much space. Never fear, Pinterest has got your back on this one. Here you can turn that old school TV into a sweet retro bar!

If you’re not a drinker, perhaps you would enjoy turning that behemoth of a tv into a classic looking bookshelf? Throw a little chalk paint on it and it looks like it grew that way!

Of course, you could always just throw it away too.

I wasn’t kidding about the truck tire

You might have thought I was just making a witty comment. Not the case. There is actually a lot of things you can do with old truck tires. Some of them are even worth the time it would take! Here’s a truck tire jungle gym that is pretty cool. Maybe you would rather put your used truck tire to good use inside your home? How about by making it into a conversation piece truck tire coffee table?

You should really take the time to peruse Pinterest. If you don’t have anything specific in mind to search for, here’s a little tip: Just look at something random in your house (ex. sink, lightswitch, dog, wife) and type it into the Google machine followed by “pinterest”. You will be absolutely amazed with the results you find.

If you’re more of a brick and mortar type person, then head over to a store like Kirkland’s for more ideas.

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