Nintendo Switch – Worth A Buy?

Console generations seem to come and go at an alarming rate. Just as a generation seems to be hitting its stride, a new generation comes along, making loved hardware suddenly obsolete. This is the nature of technology, however, and the way that progress is made towards bigger and better things. But, the console market is a competitive industry, and it can sometimes be difficult to know which console is worth the money.

The latest generation has seen the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 go head to head, with many declaring that the PlayStation has won the battle. It is indeed true that the PlayStation 4 has massively outsold the Xbox, with a great deal more exclusive games, and far more impressive titles- but still no proper pokies online! But with PlayStation leaving Microsoft on the ropes, where could competition possibly come from?

The Nintendo Switch, recently released, seems to have come out of nowhere to seriously shake up the console market. Let’s take a closer look.

Innovation Not Power

Back when the Nintendo Wii was released, many were skeptical about the potential of the console. It offered drastically under-powered hardware in comparison to the other consoles, with little to no potential at being real competition. At least that’s what was thought. The Nintendo Wii quickly became the best selling console, drawing in players of all types with it’s unique motion controllers. Perfect for social occasions, or for casual play, the Nintendo Wii was a runaway success.

The Wii U, the follow up console from Nintendo, saw much less success. Again underpowered, the console came with a small tablet, allowing for a few interesting innovation in games. But it was not an innovation that sparked interest, and the Wii U quickly faded into obscurity. Nintendo needed something new and interesting to keep it’s console department alive, and announced the Nintendo Switch.

Convenience Is King

The Nintendo Switch was similar in design to its predecessor, with one major outstanding feature. The tablet that came with the console allowed for seamless changing between screens. Which is to say; a person could play on a television, and switch the playing the same game on the tablet at any time. This meant that the Switch was essentially two gaming systems in one.

Although again underpowered in comparison to other consoles, the Switch had major convenience as it’s drawing card. A person was essentially getting two play systems for the price of one. The notion grabbed attention, but the console still needed games in order to be attractive.

Big Game Drawing Cards

Zelda Breath of the Wild released with the Nintendo switch, and quickly became one of the most praised games in video game history. Nintendo Switch consoles flew off the shelves as gamers eagerly sought to get their hands on Zelda. But, of course, one game would not sell a console forever.

Thankfully Nintendo followed up Zelda with A new Mario, titled Mario Odyssey, another smash hit. The Switch seems destined to be a success.

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