No. Mike Tomlin Does Not Miss LeVeon Bell

Personally, I’d rather go to the mobile dentist than talk about LeVeon Bell again. But since it’s a slight on him, I’ll oblige.

When you go through a bad break up, it’s best to put on a tough face and act like it doesn’t phase you at all.

Then, you find a new shiny object to call your own and talk the new significant other up in front of everyone just to prove you don’t miss the ex.

Mike Tomlin clearly knows how to handle the very public break up between his Pittsburgh Steelers and running back LeVeon Bell, who turned down $14.5 million this season because he demanded a long term deal. When asked if he missed the All-Pro running back, Tomlin answered simply “No.”. He did expand…

“From OTA 1, he wasn’t a part of us,” said Tomlin, reports NESN. “It’s not something that this group of men have missed. It’s a part of business, unfortunately, at this level. We all know and understand it. We’ve been focused on the people that have been here and working.”



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