Social casino games explained

What are Social Media Casino Games?

Social casino games are played on social media.  Recently many casino operators are using social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Bebo and many more and using this popular platform in order to attract more players.  It was only in 2014 when Zynga, a large social media gaming company, were the first to introduce real money Poker.  Before 2014 all casino apps on social media were offered for free. 

Popular Social Media Platforms

Facebook has grown to be the most popular platform in social media for playing online games.  Around 60% of all players play casino games on social media use Facebook, while 17% use Google Plus, 15% on My Space and 7% on Bebo.  Playing real money casino games on Facebook is only legal in certain countries and only with authorization from Facebook.  There are only a few countries which meet the specific criteria required which means that free casino games and apps are definitely here to stay and will to all intents and purposes be the dominating force when it comes to playing casino games on social media.

Popular casino games on Facebook include slots, Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack and all of these are free versions of the traditional casino games.  These games can be played alone, with friends or even with strangers. And unlike the pokies New Zealand have to offer, there is no money involved, but this also means there are no jackpot payouts either.

Advantages of Social Media Games

Playing social casino games is an industry which has earnings of over $2.7 billion which is quite incredible as the majority of casino games on Facebook are played for free and no real money is needed to play them.  The casino operators make their money by in-game purchases, currencies and virtual items that are bought with real cash or by using Facebook credits to purchase them.  Facebook credits are bought with real money so this is just another way that casino operators make money from free games.

Playing casino games on social media attracts millions of users every day and around 20% of those will buy some form of in-game purchase, benefits or virtual currencies using real money.  This way of playing casino games is growing at an incredible rate and continues to grow and grow as more operators use social media to attract more casino players.

The main advantage of playing casino games using this platform is that is free and is a great way for players to enjoy games with their friends.  This option allows players play free online games such as Poker, Blackjack, Slots and lottery type games.  Playing games for free lets players enhance their skills without risking real money.  It is an easy way to connect with friends and enjoy a game and share their wins and losses and share tips for winning.  The game selection is vast and there are many games to try out and players also get the opportunity to review casino gaming apps with their friends and share them on their social media platform.

Playing casino games on social media offers a much more relaxing atmosphere as the games are free, but players get the chance to win virtual currency which they can use to advance themselves in their game.  It is a great way for players to connect and enjoy free, risk free casino gaming.

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