tablet fever

Tablet Fever

Tablets have taken over the world of mobile computing and have realized a new era where the on the go computer reigns supreme over traditional desktop PC’s or laptops.

When looking to buy the one tablet that stands out from the rest we look for the best technology has to offer; it needs to be slim, light and have sufficient battery power. Expecting a tablet to work just as well or better than your laptop when it comes to spreadsheets and word processing is a bit unfair considering its size restrictions.

Tablets Rock Out With New Technology

Tablets allow users a complete freedom like never before and give users the chance to play online blackjack for real money in Canada from absolutely anywhere. With new age-featured tech like touch screen displays, vivid LCD screens and a completely accessible interface that is substantially larger than your smartphones display, touch screen smart tablets have allowed for a futuristic computer device, which s changing the world one tablet at a time.

iPad Going For Gold

There is no doubt that if you are looking for excellence you will find it in an iStore. Apple’s iPad runs circles around Android propelled devices and the same can be said for an iPad. Now that we have answered the question as to which tablet exceeds expectation it merely comes down to the simple question, which iPad to purchase.

There are a host of various models but the tech you purchase merely depends on what exactly your personal needs for the tech are. New iOS tech has the ability to organize your life and leave you with an astonishing new lease on life as the organization of an Apple device updates your life seamlessly.

Apple Is Making Its Mark Again

2017 brought about the launch of the new, cheaper iPad. It is not only an attractive buy due to its low price of only $ 330.00 but it will wow you with its massive selection of apps available for download but also supports Touch ID for security purposes.

Unlike iPad Air 2 updates are available for at least another two years, which is a massive improvement.

iPad Is Not For Everyone

iPad does come with some notable disadvantages like not having an integrated or removable keyboard like some Androids now available. iPad only sports two speakers and only comes out standard with 32 Gig of storage which is not ideal of you are planning on downloading tons of movies.

Best iPad At A Price

At almost double the price of the iPad, it comes close to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro which comes standard with 64 Gig of memory, an extended keyboard and Apple Pencil.

The reality is that most Android fans will argue that an iPad gives a user nothing less than that of an Android based tablet. It certainly is down to personal reference and aesthetics. The iPad goes a long way to help users customize a simplistic piece of tech to everyday life.

The iPad and iPad  pro allow for various customization’s and brilliant forward thinking technology, which allow your iPad to transform into a fully-fledged modern day toolbox.

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