Getting Over It – Simple Games Succeed

A little game called Getting Over It was a runaway success. At least, it was for a very limited amount of time. But given that the game was about as simple as games can get, made by a single person, it can be considered one of the biggest video game success in history. The creator, Bennett Foddy, surely walked away an overnight millionaire. But what about the game made it such a success? Continue reading Getting Over It – Simple Games Succeed

Healthy Living and Gaming: Is There a Connection?

One of the best things there is in the world is gaming. Why is this so, because gaming brightens a gloomy day leaving us rejuvenated and gaming brings us together, we get to meet new people and in the process improve our social skills and educational games also helps us to learn new stuff. Continue reading Healthy Living and Gaming: Is There a Connection?

The Food Lovers Guide To Technology

The kitchen can be a place of solitude and extreme chaos all at once. One moment you’re cooking up a storm and the next, the storm in your pot looks like it’s takeout time for the family. Don’t let Thursday Takeaways become a routine in your household. Cooking is a passion that anyone can master; all it takes is some creativity and determination, and healthy recipes are a dime a dozen.

The general rule of cooking nowadays is; if you can read you can cook. This statement has never been truer; modern technology can literally place you in the kitchen and guide you through the cooking and or baking process, with Gordon Ramsay’s flair and panache.  Continue reading The Food Lovers Guide To Technology

Definition of In-App Purchases

In-app purchases refer to goods or services bought from an app on a mobile service which includes devices such as smartphones or tablets.  Many in-app purchases are offered at no charge with the option to upgrade for a certain fee.  Developers will often add new features to the app but users will not have to download the app again as these features will be available on their current app.

In-app purchases allow users the option to upgrade their apps while in the app instead of having to use other marketing options.  An example would be if the app allowed users to skip a level if it was very difficult for a certain fee. Continue reading Definition of In-App Purchases