What are Social Media Casino Games?

Social casino games are played on social media.  Recently many casino operators are using social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Bebo and many more and using this popular platform in order to attract more players.  It was only in 2014 when Zynga, a large social media gaming company, were the first to introduce real money Poker.  Before 2014 all casino apps on social media were offered for free.  Continue reading What are Social Media Casino Games?

Definition of In-App Purchases

In-app purchases refer to goods or services bought from an app on a mobile service which includes devices such as smartphones or tablets.  Many in-app purchases are offered at no charge with the option to upgrade for a certain fee.  Developers will often add new features to the app but users will not have to download the app again as these features will be available on their current app.

In-app purchases allow users the option to upgrade their apps while in the app instead of having to use other marketing options.  An example would be if the app allowed users to skip a level if it was very difficult for a certain fee. Continue reading Definition of In-App Purchases