The Food Lovers Guide To Technology

The kitchen can be a place of solitude and extreme chaos all at once. One moment you’re cooking up a storm and the next, the storm in your pot looks like it’s takeout time for the family. Don’t let Thursday Takeaways become a routine in your household. Cooking is a passion that anyone can master; all it takes is some creativity and determination, and healthy recipes are a dime a dozen.

The general rule of cooking nowadays is; if you can read you can cook. This statement has never been truer; modern technology can literally place you in the kitchen and guide you through the cooking and or baking process, with Gordon Ramsay’s flair and panache. 

It’s never been easier to be a superstar chef, even though smart technology will never replace the imaginative human element in cooking, it can help you cook better meals.

The following Food Lovers Guide To Technology will show you exactly what you should have in your kitchen if you want to reinvent recipes. These essential kitchen gadgets are the latest technology infused cooking accessories for the very best results in your kitchen and you don’t need to hit the jackpot playing online slots for real money in Canada in order to afford them!

Smart Cooking With The Anova Precision Cooker

There’s a way to pack a sensation of taste into your meat as well as have it dripping off your fork in a tender affair of delight. It’s called Sous Vide and it entails you vacuum sealing your food and then having it boil at a medium temperature for an extended period of time.

Even though you could complete this process in a slow cooker of sorts the Anova Precision Cooker takes the guesswork out of your meats bath. The kitchen appliance comes in two smart versions; a Bluetooth controlled option and a Wi-Fi option. The appliance will also link you to an app to alert you when your food is ready and will provide you with guided recipes for the best cooking results.

Turn Up The Temperature With The iGrill 2

If you’re a roasting master that loves smoking and slow roasting a bird or pig in the oven, then the iGrill 2 Complete Master Kit is the perfect kitchen gadget.

Simply pop your meal in the oven, insert the probes into your dish and sit back and relax. Previously you had to hover around the oven, proving your dish to check for the optimum temperature and optimized cooking level.

Now with the iGrill 2 there’s no need to waste useful time, the device is Bluetooth ready and alerts you on your smartphone when your dish is done. You even get optimized temperatures for rare, medium and well-done meat.

Bake It Right With Drop Scale

Cooking is an art, baking however is a science. With cooking you can get experimental, baking requires exact measurements otherwise it all goes flop.

The Drop Scale is the perfect kitchen scale infused with smart capability to help you through your baking undertaking.

With Drop Scale the smart tech will guide bakers step by step through a recipe. The nifty scale will even double up on ingredients should you need to serve more drooling mouths.

Pin Your Tablet Up Safely

Kitchen mounts and stands are not only brilliant for traditional recipe books but for tablets too. Since the digital age, most chefs or bakers have taken to tablets to sift through the best recipes on the Internet.

There are a wide variety of kitchen stands and mounts available, which fit an assortment of tablet makes and sizes. They not only help you cook in a clutter free kitchen space but keep your tablet out of the chili chutney that could just boil over.

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