There’s Only One Reason to Stab a Roommate and That is Stray Hairs in the Shower


If you’ve ever lived with a roommate, you know there are only certain causes to allow you to stab them.

  1. Stray hairs in the shower.

In this case, I’ll also accept leaving an empty milk carton in the refrigerator.

This all rang true for one Ohio man who is now facing felonious assault charges after her stabbed his roommate in the…wait for it…armpit.


An argument over stray hairs left in a shower ended with one man being cut and another being taken to jail according to a report filed by ***** Police.

Daquan Ross, 21, was arrested at a home on ***** Avenue Monday after allegedly using a folding knife to cut a man who lives at the same home.

The victim told officers that Ross cut him after being confronted about failing to clean-up hair he left behind after taking a shower.

Ross was booked into the county on a charge of felonious assault.

The victim’s wound was described as a cut to the armpit.

Everyday these criminals continue to out-perform each other.


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