Unstoppable Plague Of PUBG Cheaters

PUBG, or Player Unknowns Battle Grounds, was one of the major unexpected success of modern video games. Offering a simple, bare-bones multiplayer experience, the game somehow sold multi-millions in a very short space of times. Many are still scratching their head as to how the simple, somewhat crudely made game rocketed to obscene success. Either way, the game continues to be a success, with a player base that is expanding on a daily basis.

Besides the game being poorly optimised, having glitches, and other issues, there is one issue that is all but destroying the reputation of the game. The plague of cheaters that are ruining the fun for everyone else. PUBG has what many refer to as a serious cheater problem, and the players are quickly losing their patience. Given that the game is time consuming, and the difference between life and death can be a millisecond, cheaters are not what a player wants to run into. A cheater can quickly destroy fifteen minutes of investment, and leave a player fuming, or send them back to playing at a casino no deposit instead.

How Does Cheating Work?

Cheating is especially prevalent in PC gaming, given how flexible and versatile the platform is. And given that PUBG is exclusively a PC game, it makes sense that the presence of cheaters is so high. But how exactly does cheating work?

Cheating in a modern video game is a case of adding software to the game, which interacts with the game files and offers massive advantage to the player. A hack known as an Aimbot automatically aims at other players, fast enough to be well beyond normal human reaction time. The player is simply able to out-aim all other players, given that software is doing the aiming automatically. This all but guarantees the player will win any gunfight.

In order to get such cheating software, a person simply has to download it, place it in the game’s directory, and it will function. In other words; cheating is extremely easy. But this doesn’t answer a more pressing question; why would gamer’s want to cheat?

Why Players Cheat

There is obviously no one single explanation that will apply to all cheaters. There are clearly tens of thousands of cheaters, and all are probably not doing it for the same reason. In many cases is likely simply a case of teenagers, or other childish gamers, having a laugh at the expense of others. But this doesn’t account for all cheaters.

In the case of PUBG, the reason for cheating is a little more ominous. Winners in PUBG earn in-game currency, which can be used to buy loot boxes. In these loot boxes are cosmetic items, many of which can be sold for real money. So, a person who cheats can win these loot box items, sell them, and make money.

What Is Being Done?

Anti-cheating methods have already been introduced to PUBG, and cutting down the number of cheaters daily. More anti-cheat software is incoming, and will likely all but eliminate cheaters from the game in a few months.

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